Pops Pulled Pork w/ BBQ Sauce - Whole30 Approved - Serves 3 - Oven Ready

Pops Pulled Pork w/ BBQ Sauce - Whole30 Approved - Serves 3 - Oven Ready

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Oven Ready




(Serves 3 - Oven ready - Heat only) Using our General Manager's Pop's seasoning and slow cooking, this mouth watering recipe delivers great Texas BBQ flavor. Now comes with a complimentary portion of our new BBQ Sauce!


COOKING INSTRUCTIONS:  Reheat covered at 350 for 20 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 140 degrees.  Suggested sides:  Kale Salad, Sweet Potato Nuggets.


NUTRITIONAL INFO FOR PULLED PORK ONLY: Servings: 3 (Values per single serving.) | Gluten Free: Yes

Calories: 359.3 

Total Carbohydrate: g 0 | Dietary Fiber: g 0 | Sugars: g 0 

Protein: 26.6 

Total Fat: g 27.2 | Saturated Fat: g 10 | Polyunsaturated Fat: g 2.7 | Monounsaturated Fat: g 12.1 

Cholesterol: mg 106.5

Sodium: mg 79.3

Potassium: mg 368.3 


 NUTRITIONAL INFO FOR BBQ SAUCE ONLY: Servings: 3 (Values per single serving.) | Gluten Free: Yes 

Calories: 4.6 

Total Carbohydrate: g 0.6 | Dietary Fiber: g 0.1 | Sugars: g 0.3 

Protein: 0.1

Total Fat: g 0.2 | Saturated Fat: g 0.1 | Polyunsaturated Fat: g 0.1 | Monounsaturated Fat: g 0

Cholesterol: mg 0

Sodium: mg 24.3

Potassium: mg 19 



Pork Butt, Pops Seasoning (REAL Salt, Paprika, Turmeric, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Basil, Thyme, Dill Weed, Marjoram, Black Pepper, Parsley, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Nutmeg), Grass Finished Beef Stock, All Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor. 


Water, Tomato Paste, Unsweetened Apple Sauce, Organic Gluten Free Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Aminos, Dijon Mustard, Organic Sunflower Seed Butter, Crystal's Hot Sauce, Pitted Dates, Organic Coconut Oil, Minced Garlic, Mild Chili Powder, Cayenne Pepper.

56 Reviews

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    Just ok.

    Posted by Jo Ann Osborne on 26th Apr 2019


  • 4
    Pops pulled pork

    Posted by Katrina on 22nd Mar 2019

    Was able to get 4 substantial meals from single container. Sauce is not overly sweet, but not sufficient for quantity of meat provided. Pork great for paleo wraps or can be paired with salad or veggie of choice. Would purchase again.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2018

    We have had this a few times and every time it is a big hit with our family. The flavor on the pork is great! We typically skip the sauce that comes with it, but that is just personal preference.

  • 5
    Great taste!

    Posted by Betty Robertson on 25th Sep 2018

    Tender, flavorful pork. One of my favorites.

  • 5
    Tasty Meal

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2018

    We have had this several times and never disappoints. Great taste and easy to prepare.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2018

    By far our favorite meal . So tender and juicy. You won’t be disappointed by this.

  • 5
    10/10 Would Order Again!

    Posted by KayDee on 10th Jul 2018

    Pop makes a yummy pulled pork! Tender and tasty. This will be in my next order.
    And the next one.
    And the next one.

  • 4

    Posted by Myly on 4th Apr 2018

    The pork is good, more sauce would be nice. I'd purchase again.

  • 3
    unseasoned, unsmoked pulled pork

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2018

    It's certainly not "bad." It seems to be good quality meat, and they did a good job of pulling away the parts nobody wants to eat from the shoulder (fat, etc.). It's just kind of bland and uninspired. I had to drown it in sauce to get it down. This would work fine as an ingredient for something else (soup, tacos, etc.), but it falls flat as a standalone dish. But I smoke my own butts from time to time, so maybe I'm just pickier than the folks who seem to love this one.