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Really Easy Freezer Meals In Austin

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We are The Studio Kitchen and our food is prepared fresh and with care. It's also readily made in small batches, right here in our kitchen. In this present day and age hardly anybody does it this way anymore. Most restaurant food is primarily shipped and packaged from big suppliers. Then they are processed and made in huge factories and loaded with chemicals and preservatives. There is no totally easy way to produce great food. We put a great effort into our small batches and that brings out far better resultsWe bring fresh food in daily and use it directly into our meals. Our professional staff does the prepping and helps to plan out each portion perfectly. We do not rely on pre-prepped food from suppliers and we are very proud of that fact. We cut our whole meats on the premises and we do so with a thoughtful mind to only cut the best pieces. We do not buy pre-cut frozen meats, because that would defeat the whole purpose of our principle. If our recipe calls for browned onions, they will be browned right here in our own commercial kitchen! 

We make most of our own sauces from scratch and our white sauces, tomato sauces, etc., do not come out of a can. Our meat sauce for our lasagne is made with fresh ingredients and simmered on our stoves. This is the way it is supposed to be done. We don't cut corners on producing the desired results, like many of our competitors. That's why customers rave about our food and we are growing exponentially in popularity. You will receive a booklet with clear instructions of what to do each day and for each meal. This, you will a place to record a journal on each page. It includes both oven ready meals, as well as some meals that are prepared by you on the stovetop. These are the easy freezer meals in Austion citizens are raving about!

For our 28 Day Paleo, each 7 day period you will receive 5 delicious entrees and 5 to 6 delicious sides. Our program for men includes an assortment of other items which is necessary for a higher calorie intake. Each entrée has 3 portions and they will be staggered throughout the week. Most of the entrees will arrive frozen and they will be easy to fit into your freezer. However, unlike our regular menu, you are able to put all of the meals in your fridge immediately. The entrees and sides have been pre selected and there are no substitutions possible in this 28 day program. For more details, you can get information about each day by clicking the booklet choice on this page of our site.