Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala - Whole30 Approved - Serves 3 - Crockpot

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala - Whole30 Approved - Serves 3 - Crockpot

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(Serves 3 - Crockpot) This is a dish that you will see on practically every Indian Restaurant menu.  We have done ours without any heat, so everyone could add their own for their own tastes.  Chicken thighs, diced tomatoes, fresh ginger, garlic, tomato paste, lots of Indian spices and coconut milk.  Goes great with Cauliflower Rice.


COOKING INSTRUCTIONSEmpty chicken thighs into Crock Pot.  Pour baggie of veggies and spices over the chicken. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4-5. Shred the chicken by either breaking it up with a fork while still in the pot, or removing chicken and shredding it on a cutting board.  Stir chicken into pot again.  Serve over rice or Cauliflower Rice for Paleo.


NUTRITIONAL INFO: Servings: 3 (Values per single serving.) | Gluten Free: Yes

Calories: 361.3

Total Carbohydrate: g 16.0 | Dietary Fiber: g 3.8 | Sugars: g 8.6

Protein: 33.7

Total Fat: g 17.1 | Saturated Fat: g 9.0 | Polyunsaturated Fat: g 0.2 | Monounsaturated Fat: g 0.1

Cholesterol: mg 140.0

Sodium: mg 1941.0

Potassium: mg 538.1



Yellow Onions

Organic Diced Tomatoes

Coconut Milk

Minced Garlic

Fresh Ginger Root

Tomato Paste

Garam Masala Spices



Boneless/Skinless Chicken Thighs

14 Reviews

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    Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

    Posted by Katrina on 22nd Mar 2019

    Favorite dish so far. Served over steamed cauliflower rice. Will become staple in monthly fare.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Betty Robertson on 28th Sep 2018

    I didn't expect to like this recipe but was greatly surprised. It is delicious. Great with the Cauliflower Rice with Garlic.

  • 5

    Posted by Jacqueline Cowan on 6th Aug 2018

    I don't own a Crock Pot so I browned the chicken in my Dutch Oven and then added the rest of the ingredients let everything simmer for 4 hours. It was absolutely delicious! Yummy!

  • 4
    Chicken Tikka Masala

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2018

    Not like my favorite indian restaurant but still pretty yummy.

  • 5

    Posted by Deanna Bentley on 25th Apr 2018

    Very flavorful dish with perfect balance of spices.

  • 4

    Posted by Myly on 18th Apr 2018

    I wouldn't call this tikka masala but it was good when in the mood for this type of meal.

  • 5
    Surprised again!

    Posted by Danielle on 21st Feb 2018

    I normally do not enjoy Indian food but once again, The Studio Kitchen has changed my mind! Both my husband and I really enjoyed this meal. Super easy and flavorful! Not an overly strong curry flavor which we both really appreciated.

  • 4
    shredded chicken "tikka masala"

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2018

    Certainly not authentic Indian. The chicken thighs could stand a bit more trimming before going into the package (this and other dishes that come with thighs). But in and of itself, this has pretty good flavor. Might get this one from time to time.

  • 4
    Lots of flavor!

    Posted by StampyKat on 19th Jan 2018

    This dish is tasty and VERY strong in flavor. Great on a cold day. Slightly spicy (cinnamon maybe?) and really warms you from the outside in. May be a little too strong for some, but easily toned down with the addition of a can of diced tomatoes.