Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash - Whole30 Approved - Serves 3 - Stove Top

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash - Whole30 Approved - Serves 3 - Stove Top

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(Serves 3 - Stove Top) I often see this on restaurant menus now.  Sweet potatoes, zucchini,onion, red bell pepper as well as bacon.  Just heat it up in the skillet, add your own eggs and you have a hearty breakfast that will stick to your ribs. Delicious!


COOKING INSTRUCTIONSEmpty hash into a skillet over medium heat,  Stir until heated.  Make three wells in the hash, and crack an egg (not included) into each well.  (Or alternatively, use six eggs.)  Cook over medium low until eggs are set.  You can put a lid on the skillet to speed up the cooking of the eggs if you have one that fits. 



NUTRITIONAL INFO: Servings: 3 (Values per single serving) | Gluten Free: Yes

Calories: 221.6

Total Carbohydrate: g 35.5 | Dietary Fiber: g 5.9 | Sugars: g 8.4

Protein: 5.1

Total Fat: g 7.0 | Saturated Fat: g 5.0 | Polyunsaturated Fat: g 0.3 | Monounsaturated Fat: g 0.3

Cholesterol: mg 5.0

Sodium: mg 279.3

Potassium: mg 615.5



Sweet Potatoes

Organic Coconut Oil

Bacon (Nitrite, Nitrate, and Sugar Free - Pederson's Natural Farms)

Organic Zucchini Squash

Organic Yellow Onions

Organic Red Bell Pepper

Pops Seasoning

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2018

    We eat this at least once a week. Such a quick, easy and filling meal.

  • 4
    Good change for breakfast

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2018

    This was a great dish

  • 5
    great as a side dish

    Posted by Natalie on 16th Oct 2017

    This is a mix of veggies and sweet potatoes and bacon. We use it as a side for our meals. We love it!! We don't add eggs.

  • 5
    Yummy Hearty and Guilt Free

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2017

    This was SO good. Please continue to offer it.